Fall Nights are the best!
Not too cold! Not to hot! | In any weather this collection is just right for you!

Topped with Perfection!
Chilly weater tops! | Must haves!

Diana by Xehar!
One of the best collections of the fashion season! 

We just love our new PJ’s!v | Perfect for this holiday season!

We’re So Excited to the Holidays!
Hoodies are back! | So Underated!

Laura By Xehar!
You cannot go wrong with this collection!

Get ready for the New Year! |  New Year, New You!

Sweater Weather
The weatheer is not the only thing that looks cold | Chill looks!

Slip on these shoes
Like what you see?Rake in a pair!

Perfect Gifts for your Pefect Friends!
Holidays are around the corner! | Never too early to get that perfect gift!

Slay Queen!
Looks Daring! | Polished looks with a twist of sexy.

Mix Match Sweaters!
Twinning! | Get one and one for your friends!

Last Minute Date
He will remember me! | outfits for a great night out

Sail With Style
I’m going on a cruise! | hot outfits for hot days

Meeting His Parents
They will like me! outfits from classic to modern

Job Interview
Look your bestget your outfit