As a kid, back to school clothes shopping was the time of year that I hated the most. I hated that while my friends had a variety of stores to shop from at the mall, I was always restricted to the accessories and shoes sections of countless straight size stores. When it was my turn to try clothes on, instead of going to retailers in the mall, I was only able to find clothes in retailers far and between whose plus size clothes was catered to the older or pregnant woman. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing modest and steering clear from trends, the last thing 13-year-old me wanted was to look like a mini version of my grandma. How could I dress myself the way I wanted to if I didn’t even have any clothes to choose from?

As the years went by, little by little, fashionable plus size clothes became easier to come across. By the time I was starting high school, I had discovered a couple of plus size stores and was slowly becoming an expert at finding hidden gems in department stores and thrift shops. Slowly, but surely, I saw the world become more accepting of plus size women and our demand for fashion forward clothes. At first it started with plus size clothes being expensive, then our clothes slowly began to become accessible and trendy, finally when Forever 21 announced the introduction of their Plus collection, the industry took off at full speed, or so it seemed.



Forever 21 Plus Collection – $48 Dress Only                             Xehar Curvy Collection – $49.99 for both

When I first stumbled upon Xehar, I was shocked to find that everything I had been looking for was here. Not only do we sell plus size clothes, but I’ve come to find that Xehar is proactive when it comes to listening and giving women what we want as well as what our hearts desire. Xehar offers a variety of trending, ultra sexy, bold colors, chic styles, and everything else in between! To go from having to shop in departments that I didn’t want to (maternity, mens, misses) to being able to have an assortment of dresses to choose from affected me tremendously. Having the ability to choose what I want, being able to see plus size women in deep v-neck plunge and high slit dresses, and discovering a community of women like me who have been dying to come across a place like Xehar, has enabled me to gain more confidence.



Laura by Xehar Collection – $44.99                                             Torrid – $58.90


We’ve gone from magazines telling plus size women that we shouldn’t wear stripes, crop tops, bodycon dresses, bold colors, or sleeveless anything, to feeling the freedom to wear whatever we want. That alone has done a lot to build a more confident me. I can only hope that this blog and our websites do the same for you. We can only move forward within the industry if we take the time to promote positive body image, true confidence, and self love. None of these things are easy to do, much less consistently, but I can say, without a doubt, that once you fall in love with yourself and make room for yourself in a world that constantly wants to change you, your confidence will only follow. <3


Xehar Curvy Collection – $36.99                                                  Laura by Xehar Collection – $39.99

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