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Boost your confidence through fashion!

It’s no secret that clothes don’t make us a better person by any means, but haven’t you had some days in which you feel the queen of the world? You love your outfit, you feel more confident, and you feel like you could conquer the world with just a snap of your fingers. That’s how you’re supposed to feel every day! You’re amazing just the way you are, but sometimes we all just need a little boost of confidence and hey, we’re going to teach you how to get it as often as possible through fashion no matter what your personal style is.
Define your personal style
Once you have this well defined, it’ll be way easier to shop for clothes. You don’t need to have only one style, you can mix them, but study what you like, get a good magazine as Vogue or Bazaar or go on Pinterest and make an outfit inspiration board, and then analyze what were your most constant picks; this way, next time you go shopping, you can use them as a reference and you’ll start wearing pieces you actually love.
Define your go-to pieces and get more of those
When you get dressed in the morning, what are your go-to pieces? How does your favorite outfit look like? If you love it, get more of that! In a different color, a different pattern, longer, shorter, tighter, looser, whatever fits your taste. Make sure you have a good wardrobe base with great items. Mix and match them with your favorite pieces. There’s no way you can go wrong with this recipe.
What’s your favorite part of your body? Highlight it!
You love your shoulders? Wear an off-shoulder top! Love your legs? Show them! Love your waist? Highlight it! Why hide your best assets? That’s the beauty of fashion, we can use it to really show what we like in a classy way. When we look our best, we immediately feel better, even if we are not having the best of days, but that little boost of confidence and a great attitude would make everything better immediately, trust me!
If you don’t love it, don’t wear it
The other day, I was wearing this cute hat, I was hanging with my friend and she told me “I’d love to borrow your hat, but I’m not sure if it would look good on me; it is beautiful though.” I had two options: the first one was to tell her “What are you saying? You slay girl! Wear it!” (she looked great on it btw) and option two (the one I went for) was “You look amazing with it! But hey, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, don’t wear it, don’t force yourself into things you don’t feel great with – it would make you conscious and dubious the whole day and you won’t be as confident as you would be otherwise.”
Make sure it fits you right
This one is kind of self-explanatory, if it’s too small or too big, don’t wear it. It’s not a great look – if you need to, get those pieces tailored and look like the #GirlBoss that you are!
Yes, we all have lazy days in which we only want to wear our sweatpants and be as comfy as it can get, but don’t go out in those! There’s no way you’ll feel confident wearing something old, that doesn’t fit right and has a hole in it! So leave that for lazy stay in home Sundays. I don’t know you, but I have this karma in which I run into people when I’m not looking my best. Imagine running into your ex wearing those sweatpants! No thank you, better avoid that situation and put yourself together, you can wear something casual and comfy and still look good.


Remember those tips, have a day as great as you are and feel great, confident, and attractive in everything you wear!

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