Curvy Icon of the Month August 2017


Gabourey Sidbe is best known for her breakout role in the award winning film, the intense drama, Precious as well as her work on the hit TV shows American Horror Story: Coven and Empire. We chose Gabourey Sidibe to kick off our list of curvy icons not only because she’s an incredibly visible and talented actor, but because she has exactly what Xehar hopes to instill in women everywhere: Confidence.


Despite the great amount of criticism she’s received because of her size, Gabourey continues to thrive. Gabourey exudes confidence, no matter what anyone has to say about her (which as well all know is not always easy to do.) Here at Xehar, we hope to see Gabourey’s acting career grow so we can continue to see her gorgeous self, as well as her outfits, on the red carpets!


Gabourey Inspires Us!


Empire Season Premier 1/15/17                     Xehar Curvy Collection – $44.99


Gabourey Sidibe at SXSW 3/12/17                Laura by Xehar Collection – $46.99

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