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What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the Art of Creativity and Imagination.


People can take a garment, create a story, and/or deliver a message through clothing. You can tell someone all about yourself through the way you dress. Fashion and makeup also have an amazing ability to draw the beauty out of everyone. Not fashion that alters your appearance completely., but fashion that makes each PERSON wearing it, make their own.

We love fashion and beauty that ENHANCES. A little eyeliner can define your eye shape, this green dress brings out the amber in your eyes, your hair pushed back allows people to see the definition in your face. It’s a confidence booster.

The ability to create and enhance(tastefully) is a beautiful thing to us. At Xehar, we hope to bring out the beauty in all of you. No matter who you are, or what you look like, we can help you bring forth the beauty within. 

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