Where do Bodysuits come from?


Keeping a shirt or sweater nicely tucked in all day can be pretty tough. ( Especially when reaching for that wine glass at happy hour.) Thanks to  French trapeze artist Jules Léotard, we don’t really have to worry about that anymore. Back in the mid-1800s for inventing the body-shaping one-piece back. Originally the leotard was called a maillot, and was a staple for ballerinas, acrobats, showgirls, dancers, actors and anyone else working on a stage in the early 20th century. It didn’t take long for the leotard to become a staple within women’s wardrobes.

American designer Claire McCardell removed the leotard of its pant-legs and added some snaps to the crotch, and bam, we have the bodysuit, which  influenced the modern bathing suit. Over the years, the bodysuit’s popularity fluctuated.

Yes Ava Werk!

That is, until the 80’s.Thanks to aerobic fashion, Flashdance, Donna Karan and Olivia Newton-John’s music videos, the bodysuit exploded back onto the scene. Since then, the item has been an essential thanks to celebrities, and artists alike. The onset of the early 2010’s brought the bodysuit back thank to “stars” like Beyonce, the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and other artist. We LOVE the confidence a great body suit encourages!


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